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Transportation Information

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Transportation Guidelines

Welcome! We are pleased to add your name to the growing list of Goldstock Fund volunteers. We understand that you are setting aside valuable time to help the dogs reach their forever homes and we appreciate all your help. Here are a few guidelines to help keep you and our dogs safe.

Remember, the dogs we transport may not be well trained (or trained at all!). Make sure you have a good collar. It's a good idea to keep a collar as well as a leash in your car just in case the dog you're picking up doesn't have one or the one it does have is in bad shape.

If the dog is wild and crazy, it's sometimes a good idea to transfer the leashes by clipping your leash on the dog before the other leash is removed. Believe me, we know from experience that a dog intent on escaping can bolt between the time one leash is unclipped and the other one attached. We recommend a choker collar, either chain or nylon. We have been amazed how some dogs can slip out of a regular collar.

You should have a good sturdy leash. A 6 foot one works well as it keeps you close to the dog for those moments when you need to control the dog in a hurry. A Flexi leash isn't a good choice because when they are extended the dog can be far enough away to get into trouble and very difficult if you need to reign him in quickly.

How to Plan A Cur Run

How to Plan A Canine Underground Railroad (CUR) Run
by Liz Hoffman

Before I discuss how to plan a CUR, here are a few suggestions I have found helpful when planning a CUR:

  1. Never panic! If you lose a person driving a leg, don't panic!
  2. Never let different breeds hold you down. Most people who drive legs are willing to do any breed. So always look beyond just "your breed" for drivers.
  3. Outreach! Try and get your request for drivers out to as many people as possible. Send it to all of your lists as URGENT and allow the message to be forwarded.
  4. Try and start planning at least a week in advance. CUR runs can be planned overnight, but it's less stressful to give yourself more time!
  5. Always get Full Names, Phone Number and type of car of your drivers. The last thing you need is not being able to contact a driver in an emergency!

How to setup a run:

  1. Divide the run into legs. Most people are willing to drive no more than 1.5-2 hours. So, try not to make any very long legs. If someone is willing to drive more time, you can always combine two legs.

    Here is an example:
    Leg 1 Effingham, IL to Terra Haute, IN 70 miles 1 hour *NEED DRIVER*
    Leg 2 Cambridge, OH (via I-70) to Pittsburgh, PA 85* miles 1.5 hr *NEED DRIVER*

  2. Mapquest is a great service that allows to you plot different courses and see how long each leg will be.

  3. Some greats place to find people to drive legs are: Boxer CUR, Daily Drool, and Goldens in Cyberspace. Remember-look beyond "your breed"

  4. Once you have your drivers, e-mail everyone a list of the drivers and legs. Something similar to the one below:

    Leg 1 Effingham, IL to Terra Haute, IN 70 miles 1 hour
    Susie Smith

    Leg 2 Cambridge, OH (via I-70) to Pittsburgh, PA 85* miles 1.5hr
    Kelly Blue

  5. Have all of your drivers contact each other and setup a time and place to meet. allows you to enter a city and state and it pulls up McDonald restaurants in the area. A safe, lighted place to meet (also, a nice rest stop for food)

  6. After you have everything setup, e-mail everyone the night before to make sure everything is a go. Make sure to have everyone's contact information similar to below:

    Leg 2
    Cambridge, OH (via I-70) to Pittsburgh, PA 85* miles 1.5 hr
    Kelly Blue
    My cell number is 555-556-7789
    We have a Silver Honda Accord

    The "Driver Check List" and the "Master Transportation Check List" are available for download. Feel free to modify these forms to meet your individual needs.

  7. Make sure to send along everything the dog will need (water bowls, leash, collar, vet records, signed owner release). If the dog is overnighting somewhere try and send some of his own food along so his stomach doesn't get upset.

Hopefully, if you follow these guidelines, your CUR will run smoothly. Finally, don't forget to thank all of your drivers!

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