Introduction from Chandler and Dee Rudd

Legacy Award Overview

The Goldstock Fund/Lucy's Legacy is proud to announce a new award called the Legacy Award. Named after Chandler and Dee Rudd's beloved Lucy, the award will honor her spirit and talent for helping people. The Legacy Award will be presented on an annual basis to one or more rescue dogs who, like Lucy, that made a difference.

Legacy Award Guidelines

Purpose: to recognize Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever mix rescue dogs who have made a difference in the lives of people.

Recipients: awarded annually to one or more at the discretion of TGF/Lucy's Legacy Board. Recipients are eligible for repeat awards. Therapy and service dogs are eligible for consideration. Nominations: TGF/Lucy's Legacy will accept nominations through June 30 for activities of the preceding year. Nominations are limited to a length of 500 words. Documentation and pictures to substantiate the nomination should be included.

Awards: a certificate and memento commemorating the award will be provided. Award recipients will be announced in June-July of each year.


Nominations: will be accepted for Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes that have been rescued from a rescue group, shelter, or humane society. Letters of Nomination: nomination letters of no more than 500 words will be accepted via e-mail or the U.S. Postal Service. Support documentation should be included if it pertains specifically to the merit of the nominee.

Nominations must be submitted before June 30. Winner(s) will be announced in July. The selection of winners will be based entirely on the nomination letter and attached documentation. Those submitting nominations are encouraged to address the award criteria set forth below.

Submit nominations to: or
Or by snail mail to:
Chandler Rudd
446 High St
Hampton, NH 03842

Award Criteria

The following criteria will be used as guidelines in determining the awards. It is not meant to imply that every nominee must meet every criterion to be eligible for consideration.

  • scope of the nominee's impact (local, state, or national)
  • history of the dog
  • service to the individual, family, community or other
  • service to the rescue community at large

Selection Process

Processing Nominations: nominations are submitted via mail or e-mail to a designated member of the TGF Board who will acknowledge receipt and forward copies to the entire Board. Each member of the Board will review and rank all submissions. Members of the Board will then discuss the candidates and determine the winner(s).

Number of awardees: one or more awards may be presented each year at the discretion of the Board

Role of the Golden Retriever Club - National Rescue Committee: the GRCA-NRC shall have no role in the selection of Legacy Award winners. However, after the The Goldstock Board has selected the winners, their name(s) will be presented to the GRCA-NRC prior to the public announcement.

Informing winners: winner(s) will be informed by phone or by mail when the selection process is complete.

Presentation of Awards: awards will be presented at two events - the annual Camp Lucy and the GRCA National Specialty show. If a winner is unable to attend or send a representative to accept the award, the award will be mailed to the recipient.

National Recognition: winner(s) will be announced and a profile of the winner will be posted on the TGF/Lucy's Legacy website.