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Sierra Fund

A fund to aid dogs in rescue under 5 years of age with suspected forms of cancer.

A generous anonymous donation was given to The Goldstock Fund to establish this fund. In addition, upon hearing of the plans for the Sierra Fund, the ALOVE4Goldens email list held an on line auction to benefit the Sierra Fund and made a generous donation. We are grateful to both for supporting this fund.

If a rescue has a dog that is 5 years or younger that needs help with diagnostic or treatment of cancer please e-mail us an inquiry and, if not already on file, a pre-qualifying application.

Sierra's Story

The story of Sierra' life is a tribute to the golden temperament and the dedication of rescue workers. GRRRR Midwest rescued sierra and this fund has been established in her memory.

Sierra came to Rescue in November of 2002. She arrived with a litter of nine 3-week-old puppies; her second litter and released from her third home.

She came to her third home from a shelter in Southern, MO; turned in with a male from her first litter. Shortly after her adoption, Sierra was taken to the adoptive family's Vet, only to discover that she was pregnant. One week after the puppies were born, Sierra began to favor her right front leg. Preliminary X-rays were disturbing. With a litter of nine large puppies, and no financial means to care for Sierra and her babies, the owners sought help through Rescue.

Sierra and her babies, dubbed the Springfield nine, came to rescue on November 2, 2002. Sierra was now, not simply limping, but refusing to bear weight on the limb. X-rays were taken, and biopsy surgery confirmed our worst fear. At the young age of 18 months Sierra was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

In order to buy Sierra some comfortable, quality time, surgery was scheduled to amputate the limb. Unfortunately Sierra's chest x-rays showed severe metastases to the lungs. Surgery was cancelled, and Sierra was placed on pain medication to keep her comfortable. Sierra made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2003. She was barely 20 months old. 

Sierra was the epitome of the Golden temperament.

Strangers handling her puppies never phased her, while she watched closely to make sure they were okay, she was never defensive. She integrated into two multiple dog households; her first foster home with her puppies, and then her hospice care home, without creating a ripple. Even in pain, she was tolerant, loving and always eager to please.

Sierra made a lasting impression on everyone and anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her. She asked for so little, a soft place to rest and a gentle hand to reassure her.

Every dog who comes to rescue is special in it's own way. Sierra was special in every way.

To make a donation to the Sierra Fund click on the link below, or mail your donation to:

Grant Coordinator
Edell Schaefer
17830 Gebhardt Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53045

If you make your donation via the mail please indicate on your check that the donation is for the Sierra Fund.

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