Rescues and the public. Lucy\'s Legacy & Camp Lucy was established in 2008. Camp Lucy is committed to providing activities and an environment that embraces the relationship between humans and their dog companions. Relaxation and recreation for both humans and dogs are at the root of all activities. This is a weekend when memories that will last a lifetime can be made."> Rescues, transportation, GRCA, GRCA cancer study, cancer studies">

Yes, Chandler and Dee Rudd's Lucy is the spirit behind this fund.

Watch Lucy's story as seen on NHPTV's Outlook program on August 6, 2001

During life, Lucy's courage, determination and unconditional love constantly amazed and inspired everyone she met. All ages, all nationalities, challenged and able-bodied - she touched thousands of lives both physically and emotionally. Lucy was an active therapy dog, and a shining example of the positive life force that can be found in all dogs.

Find Lucy. Psst she's the one in costume.

This idea for Lucy's Legacy was discussed late last fall. Joan Puglia helped to develop the idea for a program to honor Lucy that would offer activities to enhance the bond between people and dogs of all breeds, and also offer therapy dog training. The proceeds from such activities would be given via grants to Golden Retriever rescue programs. Joan brought this idea to the Rudds as a very special way to honor their beloved Lucy and to continue her work.

The concept was enthusiastically embraced by The Goldstock Fund Board in February 2008, and we have been hard at work developing a logo, website, grant guidelines, and of course planning the Camp weekend.

The Lucy's Legacy Fund provides positive programs, and partners with other organizations that also help to improve our dogs' quality of life.  Lucy's Legacy also seeks to provide educational and social activities, especially those that explore the health, emotions, and behavior of canine companions.

Camp Lucy programs will provide guided workshop opportunities for developing each dog's emotional and physical potential, and offers relaxation, recreation and social events for people and their canine companions.

Several different camp experiences are being planned:

Lucy getting a big hug
  • Annual Dog Camp - for Golden Retrievers (other canine breeds are welcome)
  • Wee Dog Camp - for dogs 20 pounds and under
  • Special Needs Camp - for dogs that require adaptive equipment or activities
  • Holistic Retreat - focusing on alternative therapies and integrative medicine
  • Performance and Splash Camp - for the active outdoor canine.
  • Therapy Dog training and testing weekends

 Camp Lucy 2009 with Chandler's pictures
Wee Dog Camp!
Pictures of the new dining hall!
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 2008 Camp Lucy with Pictures & comments

Special Raffle For The Goldstock Fund Lucy's Token Of Love Program

The winner of the raffle prize ...
Beautiful Hand Carved and Painted by a Vermont Artist, Wooden 3 foot by 2 foot running Golden Retriever mounted on top of a 28 inch Copper Weathervane
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Caroline Kaplonski

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Our scientific committee hard at work in the process of name drawing!

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