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2013 Grant Summary

With your continued support we were able to assist many dogs.

We are grateful to those of you who have supported our efforts and those that work daily helping dogs in need.

TGF gave a total of $5,935.00 in grants to help 25 dogs in rescue.

The following is a short summary of grants by Fund for calendar year 2013:  

Transportation Grants

Transportation Grants were given to Goldens and Golden hearted dogs.

No grants given this year.


Transportation Grant Total: $0.00

Boarding Grants

Many dogs coming from shelters needed to be boarded for kennel cough before they can go into foster homes, or Rescues foster homes are full and need some time before being able to place a dog in a foster home.

Grants were given to Goldens and Golden hearted dogs

Boarding Grant Total: $250.00

Medical Grants

Our medical grants not only assisted Goldens, but other breeds and mixed breeds.

Grants were given to Goldens and Golden hearted dogs

Medical Grant Total:  $4,360.00

Sierra Fund

TGF fund for dogs with cancer diagnoses under the age of 5.

No grants given this year.

Sierra Fund Grant Total:  $0.00

GoldenMED Fund

TGF fund for Goldens in rescue with major medical needs.

GoldenMED Grant Total:  $1,075.00

Helen Redlus Memorial Fund

TGF fund for senior and special needs Goldens in rescue

Helen Redlus Memorial Fund Grant Total:  $200.00