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Helen RedlusThis portion of our web site is dedicated to our dear friend in rescue Helen Redlus. Helen was a devoted advocate of Golden Retriever Rescue and through her hard work the web site Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace was born. GRiC held many articles and pictures to help educate the public about the Golden Retriever Breed. We would like to thank the Redlus Family for allowing us to use the many articles that Helen had amassed here on our site. We will strive to see that her work lives on and grows as we update and add new information and references.

God Speed Helen

Given below is a listing of general categories of information. Click on any of the links below and additional links will be provided to articles on our web site as well as links to articles on other sites where appropriate.

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General Training | Puppy Training | Behavior Training

General Training

Housetraining | Alpha Roll (Establishing Pack Leadership | Field Vocabulary | Housetraining Puppies

Raising a guide dog puppy | Teach your dog tricks | Training and behavioral links | Training 'Soft'

Crate training | Puppy training tips | Housetraining special dogs | Train your dog | Canine Good Citizen Test

Puppy Training

Best age to take home a puppy | Helpful puppy training tips

Mouthing / Biting | Crate training in brief | House training puppies |

Puppy Aptitude Test

Behavior Training

Fear - Dealing with Canine Fear | Fear of Thunder/Loud Noises

Training and Behavioral Links


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Health & Hereditary Disorders

Health Issues | First Aid | Food | Old Dog Aids

Allergies | Canine Hip Dysplasia | Cold Tail / Limber Tail / Dead Tail | Foxtails

Hemangiosarcoma | Hot Spots | Immune System & Disease Resistance | Poisonous Plants

Skin & Allergy Problems in Dogs | Immune System & Disease Resistance | Bloat | Canine Vestibular Disease

Flea Allergy Dermatitis | Heartworm and Heartworm Treatment | Hereditary Health Problems | Epilepsy

Pennhip | Orthopedic Problems | Thyroid Testing in Dogs

First Aid

Artificial Respiration | Choking | First Aid Kit

Foods/Feeding & Food Additives

Ethoxyquin | Puppy or Adult Food?

Aids for older or disabled dogs

Dog Steps

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