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2014 Camp Lucy

Update — Friday, 16 September, 2014

Well, another year has come and gone and another successful Camp Lucy is in the rear view mirror. I think this year had the best weather so far. We chose September because there is less chance for rain (Unless there's a hurricane), the humidity is lower, and the temperatures are cooler. Well, it was a bit normal than past years, a bit more humid, and I think we got a couple drops of water from the sky, but all in all, it was just wonderful!

I was so happy to see a few new faces this year. Our goal is to grow slowly, bringing people in by word of mouth and recommendations from our campers. Camp Lucy is about friendship and the shared love of all things dogs and by being careful with our growth, we can be assured that everyone has a great time.

Because of the injuries to my hand, I was concerned about my abilities to do what I had to do but so many people came up to me and asked how they could help, it was not an issue. I am truly blessed with such wonderful caring people!

Most of you know we had another group that had rented the camp right before us. We were asked to stay off campus until Thursday at 3:30. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough time to get things set up and cleaned before camp and, I will admit, it was close. The other group did a good job cleaning the bunks before our campers arrived and that saved us a lot of work.

I came away from this years camp with some great memories. Puppy Bowl, 1 & 2. Cooper, Danny, and Kenzie played like there was no tomorrow. They proved the old adage "A tired puppy is a good puppy" much to their parents delight!

Long nights sitting around the campfire chatting with friends.

After the Candle Ceremony, we floated flower shaped luminaries out into the lake. The water was so calm and the sky so clear, it was as if the night was custom made for our remembrances.

The love shown by everyone, not only to their dogs, but to all the other campers and even the football team that was using a remote part of the camp. Kim Thomas offered one of the kids some Gatorade when she saw he was cramping after practice. I saw him give Kim a big hug the day after and that touched me. That's who we are...golden people. (even if we don't have goldens).

I am always looking for ways to make Camp Lucy better. This year, I was told that people's favorite activity was just hanging out with their dogs. Swimming, visiting or walking around were very popular. Not too many people took SaShell up on her agility course but lot's watched Carolyn's grooming seminar. Maybe having SaShell leave her course set up for the weekend without a structured class would be better? Could we expand the grooming? The friday night games are fun, but maybe a bonfire on the beach would be better?

The camp is all about the human/canine bond so I am open to suggestions to make it better.

Robin Hood is a magical place and I am blessed to have it available to me. Every year they improve the camp and it shows over time. I was told that this year was the first year they have turned a profit in 13 years. They are now going to reinvest those profits into the camp. Next year we will see a soccer field where the dumpsters are and the parking lot will be i=on the right as you drive in. They are also re-doing the road around the cafeteria. No more big bumps!

Two more bunks will be updated with bathrooms and showers inside (Yay!)

Duane Clause wired up two permanent plugs so we can just plug in our power for the RV's.

Speaking of Duane, I need to thank him and the others who make Camp Lucy possible. (I apologize in advance if I have forgotten anyone!)

Suzy Nattress works so hard doing the Friday games and the silent auction. If I had to do her job, there would be no games or auction. She's amazing!

Duane stepped up this year and his favorite words were "What can I do"? He was my hands at camp. He helped set up and take down, sometimes doing things before I knew they needed doing.

SaShell and MJ stepped in a couple of years ago and volunteered to do some classes on agility and Rally O...and other fun things dogs and their people like.

Sara Moore works her magic as our communicator and is part of our camp family now.

Leslie Russell has done Reiki for us for as long as there's been a Camp Lucy. This year she was in an accident and actually called me from the ER in tears saying that she may not be able to come to camp. Instead of worrying about herself, she's thinking about camp. She actually made it for a day and a half by renting an RV and riding in comfort all the way there just so she could do some Reiki work. Amazing woman!

Carolyn Zagami has been helping in different ways over the years. Her quilt squares were a huge hit and this year she did a craft workshop and a grooming seminar that were a huge hit.

Katie Dyer does the Candle Ceremony every year. Not only for us, but for Goldstock as well. Her slideshow is a thing of beauty and obviously a labor of love. She makes, at her cost, all the booklets used in both locations too.

Marie Hanson is a local massage Therapist who filled the demand for some human treatment and has quietly worked behind the scenes for a few years now.
Lynda and Anne are two of my elves who make sure the bunks are clean and ready. Sadly, this year they didn't get a chance to pre check the bunks due to the other group leaving just before we arrived, but after camp, there was a lot of cleaning to be done!

This year, with my injury brought out so many more helpers, I can't thank them enough. I heard "what can I do to help?" so many times, it was amazing. I always thought that golden people emulated their dogs and this weekend was proof that they do!

Thank you all for coming, helping, having fun, and loving our dogs.

See you next year!

 - Chandler Rudd

Update — Friday, 5 September, 2014

We, last night we had games in the Chuck Illig Theater where people and dogs get to know each other. Today we had a the CGC and the AKC recognized CGCa testing. Sara Moore our animal communicator is here, as is Marie Hanson, our human massage therapist. Today, saturday, we are also doing an introduction to agility and this afternoon we will be doing a tracking class....for fun.

In the meantime, the dogs are swimming, the people are swimming, the weather is great, and life is good.

Tonight we're having a dinner of freshly caught Maine lobster and after dinner, we're having the Candle Ceremony.

 - Chandler Rudd