2013 Camp Lucy

Ok, where do I start? I was looking for one word to sum up this years' Camp Lucy and I just can't seem to capture it in one word. We were blessed with stellar weather for sure. It poured like the dickens the day before Dee and I arrived and today we've hit record highs. It seems that the perfect weather was there just for us. Maybe it was just me, but I heard not one complaint. The events went off like clockwork, (except for the picture ) the water was clear and warm, and the food was fantastic. Camp Robin Hood just gets better and better as they work hard on their renovations. I can't wait to see what it looks like next year.

I am so proud so say we have the very best people and the very best dogs come to camp. You are not campers, or attendees, you are our friends. Keep those stories and pictures coming. We have 11 months and three weeks till the next Camp!

 - Chandler Rudd