2010 Camp Lucy

I don't think we have had a better Camp Lucy. The weather was about as perfect as you could get. I was so happy that we got all the rain out of the way before camp started. We wanted to make a few adjustments for this year. We were looking to streamline camp, offering fewer activities but yet making the ones we did offer more meaningful and different. We are still learning what would be best received by the most people and I think we really hit the nail on the head this year.

Dee Ganley offered a great program this year. I seriously think every person in the camp participated in her nose work and Wag It Games. She is one of the reasons Camp Lucy is what it is. I am so thrilled that Dee is able to come every year!

Cathy Wells, the communicator, was so popular she could have booked 24 hours straight! So many people came to me and thanked me for bringing her to camp. Robin Bell, our Canine Massage Therapist worked her fingers to the bone to the rave reviews of everyone who went to her. There were a lot of relaxed dogs wandering around!

Carolyn Zagami's quilt square class was the surprise hit a couple of years ago. To my delight and surprise, she offered to come last year and again this year. She puts so much into her class and it shows in the happy faces and beautiful quilts that come out of her workshop. Again, we offer something that no one else has and it shows in the feedback we get from the folks that attend.

I also want to thank Leslie Russell and her fantastic son, Nathan. Leslie has been doing Reiki with Nathan for three years and have worked so hard. Everyone who has has sessions with them have come out of it with many compliments for both of them. Another unique service we are proud of.

We have a few ideas we want to talk about for next year. We want to make some changes to the Candle Ceremony. It's a long program and is important to the people who are in the listings to know that we are thinking of them, their animals, or their loved ones. We're thinking of asking the people who go to Camp Lucy to send their requests in as usual and we would read only the one's from Camp Lucy people and of course, friends of Camp Lucy. That will keep the ceremony shorter and more relevant. We also talked about moving the ceremony outside if the weather permits, and perhaps using something other than the little candles. Suggestions would be welcome!

I am also thinking of adding one more day to Camp. If we did, it would be Monday. We would have to charge extra for the food but both the camp and Nicky are more than willing to do this. Again, comments are welcome.

I need to thank the many people who make the camp as special as it is. Suzy and Dave Nattress do so much, from ordering the wine, the rosettes, and many other items, but Suzy also runs the silent auction and the Friday night games. Both she and her husband, Dave are amazing!
Jody Hamilton for the Candle Ceremony. Jody is a perfectionist and we work together to make sure everything is perfect. (sometimes glitches can occur though!) Her husband John does the Poop Bag Stations. My early helpers, Lynda, Anne, and Candy who helped make sure the bunks had clean bathrooms, working toilets, and toilet paper. There is an expression that says It takes a village and it is so true. What amazes me is they all do this for free. They know every penny we make goes to the dogs who need it.

I want to thank everyone who attended. I can honestly say you are all my friends and I am proud to have you come to Camp Lucy. We will keep the camp small, and special with people who share the same feelings for their dogs that we do. Some day people will ask how they can go to Camp Lucy and will be told that they will have to go on a waiting list.

Chandler Rudd